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Yoga Classes

My yoga classes primarily operate on a drop-in basis, offering an hour to an hour and a half of exploration. Focused on body-work, these sessions reveal the intricate links between breath, brain, and body. Class sizes range from 10 to 30 attendees based on location. I possess the unique ability to connect individually within the group dynamic, leaving each participant with a personalized experience. Through verbal and physical guidance, I'll help you synchronise your breath, mind, heart, and body. Join me for classes that blend profound insights with enjoyable, and sometimes even humorous, approaches.


"Jim hands over years of experience from his own teaching in a typically generous way; little methods of explaining a movement or details of a posture which are tried and tested and which we are encouraged to investigate and fully understand for ourselves. "

Zoe G




Teacher Training -  Brixton and Brighton Autumn 2024 

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*Brighton Buddhist Centre - brightonbuddhistcentre.co.uk/health-wellbeing/yoga/

** links via www.vajrasatiyoga.co.uk/calendar

*** Fison Fitness (London) - 

**** Space Studios - https://www.spaceyogastudio.uk/workshops/


For LIVE (streamed on Zoom) or prerecorded 

available post classes on private YOUTUBE link  

suggested contribution (at your discretion)  between £6-£12. via BACS or paypal.me/JTarran reference 'class'. FOR LINKS visit Vajrasati Yoga





Jim - vajrasatiyoga@googlemail.com 


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